Colossae East is another chapter in Colossae's story, which is really just another chapter in an insanely beautiful story about true life that began long, long ago, according to the Scriptures. We want to be truly alive and to live as one body, together. We want to receive God's Kingdom as we help one another and our neighbors truly enter into it. 

Colossae East is led by Ben Tertin, a pastor who in 2007 began ministering to folks in the East side of Portland. He served the youth and young adults of Imago Dei Community until 2015, where he first met Luke Hendrix (Executive Pastor/Tigard). During this time he also met Chuck Bomar (Lead Pastor/Tigard), and the beginning of a friendship was underway. He then served the people of Central Bible Church as their lead pastor until joining Colossae to begin this new endeavor.

He and his wife, Ali, hail from the Midwest, but both now say that Portland feels like home. They have two kids, Annabelle and Wesley, each of whom were learning to tie rope and hammer nails before they learned to read. On any given weekend, you'll either find Ben and his kids building unnecessarily dangerous rope swings and tree forts in the back yard, or you'll find the whole family out on some adventure in the woods or on the beaches of Oregon with their beloved German Shorthair Pointer, Daisy.

Pastor Ben is a storyteller and thinker who has studied deeply in Bible, theology and New Testament context, but his love for people far outweighs his love for academic work. He's got a pastor's heart and cares about leading Jesus' Church well, helping others learn to participate with God on His mission to reconcile the world to Himself. Ben, Ali, and all the other women, men, and children of Colossae East are learning the art of being Christian...becoming a faithful presence in East Portland and inviting all to come and see Jesus so that we can follow him together. Our doors are wide open; we would love to connect with you if you are interested in learning more.